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T.H.E. Group

Live T.H.E. Life.  |  T.H.E. Hifi Life.  |  T.H.E. Group Life

An exclusive membership program, where all who love music are welcome. Members get: a three day pass to T.H.E. Show's annual June event and access to exciting VIP events such as studio tours (our legendary "X Marks the Spot" at Capitol Studios for example), live artist recordings, artist performances, networking events, our brand new Audio University program, and local Ambassador Program Events in cities around the world! 


We also have wine tasting events, boat and yacht events, racing and driving events, and gaming events. T.H.E. Group is THE premiere organization to join.  We're so much more than a society.  We're a lifestyle FOR lifestyle.  Live T.H.E. Life.

Join T.H.E. Group Now!

T.H.E. Group membership is now open! Join now for exclusive discounts and get your place reserved for special events including T.H.E. Audio University, Artist of the Month concerts and interviews, and specially curated lifestyle events in cities near you!


Platinum members of T.H.E. Group will receive a 90 day trial to Qobuz for the best in high resolution digital streaming, a free one day or full three day pass to T.H.E. Show in June 2022 (or this might include our new Denver show in the Autumn of 2022) and special welcome gifts!


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